Your Zakat Has the Power To Shape Futures

"Is there any reward for good other than good?"
(The Qur’an, 55:60)

The profound tradition of Zakat heals and empowers communities, enabling them to breakthrough their
inter-generational crises. With this ethos, Habib University provides access to quality higher education for talented students from diverse
socio-economic backgrounds.

85% students receive
scholarships & financial aid

Oludamini Ogunnaike

The Gift of Knowledge: Empowering Lives Through Islamic Philanthropy

(A Habib University Production)

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Your Zakat Has the Power To Shape Futures


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Tertiary Enrollment

Pakistan’s global ranking continues to present a grim picture of its future. Our largest-ever youth population is unable to access the transformative impact of higher education. Your Zakat can break this cycle of lost opportunity and potential.

Your gift would enable an extraordinary student from a low-income background to become the first in their family, or neighbourhood, to gain quality higher education.

Besides having a lifelong impact on their family’s earning potential, your Zakat will enable the beneficiary to use their education to benefit the lives of other Pakistanis as future leaders.

Your Zakat will enable Habib University to continue to provide deserving students with access to the life-changing benefits of quality higher education.

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The University will match all gifts for three or more students. Enhanced support will be provided for larger gifts to amplify the impact of your generosity.

The entire Zakat amount is used only to support mustahiqeen students, as per the Shariah Compliance.

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The Zakat pool provides financial assistance to Mustahiqeen students who can not afford complete tuition.


Deposit Details

Title: Habib University Foundation – Zakat Account

Bank: Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited

Branch: Star Gate Branch, Karachi

Account number: 06-99-64-29313-714-271371

IBAN: PK27MPBL9964287140271371

Cheque Details

You can mail us a cheque in the name of “Habib University Foundation” at our mailing address or contact the Office of Resource Development for cheque pick up:
Phone: +92 21 111 042 242 Ext. 4444
Mobile: +92 312 2338343

So Allah gave them the reward of this world and the good reward of the Hereafter. And Allah Loves the doers of good.
( SURAH AAL-E-IMRAN - 3 : 148 )

Voices of our community

A tribute to our community members for their support in shaping Pakistan's future


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